That's how they spend them in the USA when they make "Your face sounds to me"

But no, this program it's not "Your face sounds to me" but "Lip Sync Battle", a spin-off directly imported from one of the most successful spaces of "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon". An opportunity for the celebrities They had a great time putting on wigs, makeup and whatever it takes to impersonate other celebrities and move their lips as if they were interpreting their songs. Some said the show was over, but after watching the video of the last show and the star that stars it we disagree. Who do you think it is?

Effectively, it's Channing Tatum in person, the one you saw and fit ... wig, a make-up of ten and super sexy outfit playing the great diva, Beyoncé in the song Run the world. A video that is not wasted because we can verify that Channing learned to move the hips and everything else during the filming of Step up and is willing to show off without complexes. Also, if this is not enough to leave us with your mouth open, at the end of your performance there is another big surprise.

A surprise cameo, an incredible choreography, the opportunity to remember our favorite songs and see fMasters like Channing himself, Gigi Hadid, Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Christina Aguilera proving that they know how to pass it fable. All the ingredients for us to get hooked on "Lip Sync Battle" today.

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