To celebrate his 20th anniversary Jimmy Choo creates a trunk where he can store the 20 pairs of shoes of his Memento Collection

A couple of weeks ago Jimmy Choo revealed its latest novelty: a retro aesthetic chest similar to those of yesteryear with the capacity to store up to 20 pairs of shoes and other accessories such as clutch, necklaces, earrings, rings and sunglasses.

He trunk It has been manufactured by hand in Galuchat leather and consists of 20 drawers where you can save 20 pairs of shoes individually, each of them lined with daim and with a label on the outside that contains the sketch of the model to be protected. Something to do with salivating all shoes-addicted of the world.

A release that also coincides with the presentation of an exception collection to which they have named Memento. The Memento Collection It consists of 20 pairs of shoes intended to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the brand founded in 1996.

Sandra Choi, artistic director of the brand has made statements saying that to celebrate the first 20 years of the firm decided to create the Memento collection as a tribute to the most exceptional moments that have defined Jimmy Choo's style.

The 20 shoe designs and clutch that are part of this capsule collection They honor their ultra glamor heritage, and have been seen on red carpets year after year.

It is an authentic capsule collection that reinterprets the brand's most emblematic models. As main protagonists the Romy stilettos Classic line declined in several heel heights (85 mm, 100 mm and 110 mm) and made of smooth leather of the best quality, in lace or with paillettes.

Another of the most iconic models are the lance sandals, the model most used by celebrities when the red carpets step on. For the occasion they have been manufactured in a version nude daim embroidered with crystals.

And what about the Tetrus 110 sandals? They are simply perfect with their leather ties in a bright navy blue joined by metal rings adorned with crystals. The strong piece of this collection are the Salome stilettos with its central T-shaped flange. Each model can be chosen in black daim or in nude adorned and set with crystals.

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The price is the same for each of these jewels, 3,485 euros of the wing. Each and every one of them is manufactured to measure, so they cannot be changed.

For a more personalized touch, customers can ask them to engrave their initials in relief over the center drawer of the first row, although it is also possible to keep the signature logo. The Memento trunk in limited edition costs 92,000 euros or 145,000 euros if sold together with the Memento de shoes collection. From when it is commissioned until the order is served, you have to calculate three to four months.

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