Looking for your perfect red ?: you have to know the new 'Marilyn Monroe Lipstick Collection' by Max Factor

Marilyn will always be an icon of beauty and glamor, so it is not surprising that collections continue to be launched with her name. The last one also honors those red lips that made her so famous: it is about Max Factor's 'Marilyn Monroe Lipstick Collection', a collection that will be the new object of desire of all those who

This consists of 4 lipsticks that have been created by the experts of the brand based on the harmony of the 'Theory of color' which in his day created mr. Max Factor and that offers shades that adapt to any skin tone thanks to the subtone of each of them.

Its formula contains grape seed oil and avocado oil, a combination that promises to prevent the lips from drying out over time. They also include ground pigments so that the tones are very intense.

The Marilyn Monroe Collection

Marilyn Rubi Red

It's the red that Marilyn adored and that was created by Max Factor himself for her. It has the perfect balance between red and yellow subronos, which makes it a lipstick neither too cold nor too warm, and although in light skin it is spectacular, thanks to its combination of tones it is the perfect lipstick for any skin tone.

Marilyn Sunset Red

This lipstick perfectly adheres to the skins and olive tones. It is a 'burnt' orange red that favors golden skins a lot ... that is, If you usually tan in summer, it is the ideal red to wear in that season.

Marilyn Berry

It is the perfect red for the lightest and translucent skins, since its subtone is blue, so The face looks even more delicate with this tone.

Marilyn Cabernet

It is a rich and deep red with purple subronos, so dark skins are perfect. I love its color similar to wine ... I think it is the most elegant of the entire collection.

The price is for these bars is 11.99 euros and you can already get them in perfumeries.

Did you know these bars? Which of them would you stay with?