The seductive freshness of Barbara Palvin at the Venice Festival

Today begins the 73rd edition of the Venice Film Festival. The Mostra will begin to be filled with celebrities that of course we will follow the track, as the case of Barbara Palvin, one of the first to appear and who by the way, has done it wearing a very fresh image, perfect for a walk through the beach as he did to pose before the photographers.

To continue with the romantic line of the dress, she chose a very romantic hairstyle, specifically a semi-collected for which the hair was previously wavy and then collected at the top with two braids leaving the forehead clear, something simple and relaxed for a first contact.

As for makeup the trend is clear, a perfect skin of no makeup effect which becomes the absolute protagonist. To achieve this, a light and corrective base is essential. The eyes open with a very black mascara applied from the root and zig zag to make them look defined and thus gain that point of naturalness.

On the other hand, to provide a point of freshness and color, the model has chosen juicy lips in pink as well as her cheeks. Of course, in your case less is more. What do you think of the staging?

Video: Barbara Palvin in Paris. (April 2020).