There is a temporary tattoo that is actually a perfume, and is perfect to see (and smell)

If you are one of those who fear needles, or on the contrary, a lover of tattoos, this new perfume, the first in visual format, is ideal for you. And if you don't like permanent tattoos but you want to give a new air to your look, you may also be interested. Amkiri has developed the world's first visual perfume answering a question that its creator, Shoval Shavit Shapiro, was asked. If the fragrance can be a personal signature, why can't it be seen?

A perfume drawn on the skin

Together with his mother he has developed a perfume similar to the temptation, with a fragrance that lasts more than 12 hours on the skin, and that “paints” the drawing you want, as if from a tattoo of henna It was. This fusion of fragrance and temporary tattoos is the result of years of research that have culminated in a "perfumed ink" unisex with hints of musk and cedar wood, which is fused with mint, ginger oil and juniper berries.

Spicy touches to give a fragrance that, according to its creator, “would encourage a journey of self-expression. To do this, ”he adds,“ we mix the most desirable aroma characteristics: attractive and sophisticated, classic and clean. ”

Let the imagination fly

The ink is manufactured in shades black and ivory, it is hypoallergenic, waterproof and sweatproof, cruelty free, vegan and lasting at least 12 hours. In its most basic version, which is sold online for $ 50, you will have 10 ml of “ink” and a brush like that of a eyeliner. You can make your own templates, paint freehand or buy a set with drawings designed by Amkiri so you only have to fill in the ink.

Geometric drawings, mini or large tattoos designs that can complete the look of a special day or simply, to be an artistic reflection scented in your own skin.

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