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We present the swimsuit that has conquered Instagram: full of 'body positive' spirit and very very cheap

He body positive It is fashionable. We have seen infuencers, fitness bloggers, designers, brands and even aspiring miss spread the message of real beauty and love for one's appearance through social networks. What we are seeing now is that, in addition, the body positive sells Sell ​​a lot. The last example can be found in the swimsuit that is invading Instagram in recent days. It is from the Aerie brand and it is so simple that you have to know a little about its history to understand the reason for its success.

Aerie markets the fashion swimsuit. A simple, smooth model, with round neck and high cut on the leg, available in several plain colors. It seems that the key to its success can be found in the fact that it is Available in a wide range of sizes, from XS to XXL, with torso length also customizable To adapt to all bodies. This adaptation to any figure, together with Aerie's advertising campaign, which shows women of very different sizes wearing it, seems to be behind the resounding success of the garment.

We have seen different models and activists body positive pose on Instagram and Twitter with this swimsuit model, on many occasions accompanying the image with publications full of positive spirit. The starting shot was given by Iskra Lawrence, Aerie model and, since then, we have not stopped seeing him everywhere.

Yay My fave swimsuit @Aerie is back online and my new VLOG is up // ☺️

- Iskra Lawrence (@Iskra) March 15, 2017

The swimsuit is available on the Aerie website by 41.77 euros (reduced to 37.17 at the moment) in all its range of colors and sizes.

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