This is the luxurious Fairmont Hotel, the film scene in which Pau and Cat Gasol celebrated their wedding

Last Sunday we were surprised by the news that Pau Gasol had married Cat McDonell (now Cat Gasol) after three years of dating. For the occasion, the bride chose a classic design dress from which, a few days ago, we told you all the details.

The bride and groom had been engaged since October but little had transcended the wedding and, even after the ceremony, the information keeps coming with droppers.

Thanks a message uploaded by the NBA player himself to his Instagram account, we have known that it was about an intimate ceremony attended only by family and friends. Although taking into account the profession of Gasol, the faces of the world of sports at international level were not lacking.

Now we have known the dream enclave in which everything took place. This is the Fairmont Hotel, located on the top of Nob Hill in San Francisco. One of the most luxurious hotels in all of California and the place chosen by many couples with high incomes to celebrate their bond.

The hotel was the first to open after the great earthquake that shook the city in 1906. It is characterized by its stunning Belle Époque style interiors and has five banquet rooms with different capacities and environments.

In addition to its luxurious suites, which do not fall below 400 euros a night, the spectacular terrace overlooking San Francisco stands out in which the skyscrapers are at your feet.

Of course, the covered in this luxurious hotel is not within reach of all budgets and amounts to 235 euros per person For a banquet that includes hors d'oeuvres at the welcome reception, three courses, a wedding cake, wine service with food, toast with champagne and open bar.

The atmosphere is so captivating that it has been the filming stage of up to twelve films, among them, classics like Vertigo by Alfred Hitchcock in 1958 or Junior in 1994.

Just watching the photos. we have no doubt that, although he will not reach theaters, his was also a real movie wedding.

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