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The 'Chip' cup of Primark runs out but why do people want to do business and reach 30 euros in Wallapop?

As we anticipated the Cup of Chip it's already in stores, earlier than expected Getting it has been a very difficult task although some lucky people already have it at home. But calm down, there will be more replacements of this famous cup which is already a viral phenomenon.

Sold out in record time!

Although it seems incredible, this cute piece of Chip, the famous and funny character of Beauty and the Beast, has caused queues in the different Primark of Spain. In Madrid, in the Gran Vía store, whose opening hours are at 10:00 a.m. sold out in record time: one minute. Yes, yes, you read well. At 10: 01h the 500 cups received had been razed.

Something similar has happened in other cities. In the Huelva store the 300 received have been sold out in five minutes and in the Primark Bonaire of Valencia in 15 minutes. One of the reasons has been that each customer, having no limit, has bought more than one and more than ten.

However, some lucky ones like Cristina Pedroche has been able to get theirs, as she has shown us in her account of Instagram

There is still hope ... the cup returns to stores

But tranquility! You still have the option of getting it. During this week there will be different replacements already The end of June will return to stores again. By the way, the brand has decided to lower the price, since the initial was 6 euros and has been put up for sale at 5 euros.

In addition to Chip's cup remains to come Mrs. Pott, the sweet teapot of the movie, which is sure to be ideal and perfect to complete the tea set. And if that were not enough, Mrs. Pott will also be available in the form of a piggy bank.

'Chip' in Wallapop


Many have wanted to make this piece a business. Many have been people who have made a cup and have raised it to Wallapop immediately after purchase, from coffee shops near the different Primark stores. You can get it in this startup Spanish for 30 euros when its price is 5 euros, as I said before. In Ebay It is also available at different prices.

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