These sunglasses are only suitable for posturing on Instagram (and little else)

There are clothes that without knowing how or why they become viral on social networks and become a must little bearable for the rest of mortals, and today is a clear and concise example. We talk about some sunglasses, small frame and vintage style that they are causing rage wherever they go. From Gigi Hadid to her sister Bella, not forgetting Kaia Gerber or all the bloggers of the moment You want to know more?

They are signed by the Roberi & Fraud brand, although in any vintage market we can find something similar (and much cheaper).

The queens of the RRSS

For a trend to be real and begin to viralize, special interest is required from the bloggers / instagrammers. This type of glasses has hit very hard in the USSR and so we see it every day that passes.

Victoria's Secret models adapt them as their official uniform

We could say that to be an angel of Victoria's Secret you need to add in this daily uniform this type of mount, and so we see it in the Instagram accounts of the models with wings that seem not to belong to this planet. In different colors and slightly varying the bridge of the mount, Bella, Gigi, Taylor or Martha are many of the models that do not hesitate to wear them in their day to day.

The celebrities fall before this model

There are several celebrities in the world of fashion, music and faranduleo who have also wanted to join this trend. Do you dare to wear something like that?

Video: The Ruby and the Sapphire. Critical Role. Campaign 2, Episode 33 (March 2020).