Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro: the sports bracelet that wants to help you resume your good purposes

If you are one of those people who makes a solemn promise every September that he will take more care of himself, but sometimes you feel your willpower falter, you will like to know that every time you can count on new and more intelligent wearables that help you resume those healthy lifestyle habits. That is the case of the new Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro.

The wearables They are a great solution to get more out of the time we dedicate to the sport or to encourage us not to abandon. As we see how the results improve, we feel like eating the world (let's break that record!).

The new sports bracelet Gear Fit 2 Pro is the new wearable Samsung who will become one of the best companions to go out to practice any sporting activity. To start, have a fully customized motivation program and with its advanced features you can monitor our workouts and give us the guidelines to control both our heart rate and the states of relaxation we need. He has come to compete with other greats in his category such as those already known - and very expert in the field - Fitbit, Polarr or Garmin.

It is a bracelet that automatically detect what sport we are practicing and conforms to the complexion of the user and their body type, monitors their pulsations with improved precision and thanks to its water resistance and the incorporation of a specialized app for speedo (Speedo On) water training is the Ideal gadjet for those who practice swimming: control the number of lengths we swim, the time we spend on each lap, the styles, etc.

With Integrated GPS, to accurately track both walks and races, access to the most important sports apps (such as MyFitnessPal®, MapMyRun® or Endomondo®) and extras the sea of ​​practitioners that will allow you to better monitor what you eat, monitor sleep and, Of course, listen to music with Spotify offline mode no need to carry the smartphone over. To say that the rhythm does not stop.

At the design level the new Gear Fit 2 Pro It is comfortable, very light and discreet, but what has caught our attention is its high resolution color touch screen, super easy to read even when you run and sweat clouds your view.

In short, and in the opinion of our Xataka colleagues, we are talking about an outstanding product and much improved compared to previous versions, although with certain software lacks, especially when integrating its functions with those of our smartphone, and with a slightly higher price than the competition: the starting price it's 199 euros.

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Video: Gear Fit2 Pro Tutorial - Swimming (March 2020).