We have Kim Kardashian makeup artist's trick to get the glow effect and for only € 10!

And no, it is not an illuminator to use as you may be thinking many at this time. Of course, it is a product that, of course, we all want in our bag because, let's face it, we can be more or less fans of the family Kardashian, of the kilos and kilos of contouring and others, but we must recognize that their makeup is always worthy of praise and always have a perfect finish. Is now Mario Dedivanovic who has unveiled the secret to achieve that glow effect, hydrated and with volume on the face. Yes, a lot of eye Because it only costs € 10.50!

The secret has been unveiled by Mario through one of his Master Class of Makeup that is giving all over the world and where he has confessed that glow effect is achieved with a single product, the Transparent Jelly from Kryolan, which only costs 10.50 euros. Actually, this product is used for special effects of the type to create moisture or sweat, however, applying it in small quantities and to light touches on the skin with a Beauty Blender type sponge, it transforms into a perfect illuminator which gives the skin that juicy and bright effect that many of us are looking for.

It is certainly worth putting it into practice, although for now in Kryolan they have hung the "sold out product" sign, so we will have to wait for the replacement to try the trick that, if it works (which I do not doubt) can be a discovery, don't you think? I look forward to trying it.