Sketches of Jacqueline Kennedy's dresses are auctioned in New York

The name of Oleg Cassini will always be indisputably linked in the fashion world to that of Jacqueline Kennedy. Therefore, the auction that begins today in New York revives the myth of the most elegant First Lady in the history of the United States. At the Doyle's auction house, they can be purchased sketches, designs and all kinds of materials related to the costumes Cassini devised for Jackie. In addition, many of them include autograph notes of the First Lady herself, with indications on how to improve or combine the proposed designs.

Jackie Kennedy, in 1961, dressed in a design by Oleg Cassini

The auction begins today and consists of a batch of thirteen designs, newspaper clippings related to them, notes from Jackie's own hand and some other minor materials. The starting price is expected to be located between 10,000 and 15,000 dollars (approximately 8,639-12,958 euros). A prohibitive price, no doubt, but also a lot of historical products that will delight collectors and fans of Jackie look.

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