The immersive experience that will take you into the magical world of Dr. Seuss

The exhibitions are finding a new way to attract the public: turn the visit into a magical experience that takes you to a parallel universe full of color and special effects. And this is even easier with the Dr. Seuss Experience, and his drawings and illustrations that young and old like.

The Dr. Seuss books they have been triumphing among the little ones for decades and their colorful strokes and their original silhouettes are easily recognizable.

Now we can enter that world with the new exhibition that will arrive from October 26 to Toronto. Then you will travel to other cities like Boston, Seattle or Houston.

He Dr seuss It may sound like the Grinch character (who intended to steal Christmas), the Horton elephant, Lorax or his cat with a hat. Now Dr. Seuss Enterpirses joins in collaboration with Kilburn Live To make these sites come true.

The exhibition will feature a large area with numerous photos and images of that almost psychedelic cartoon world, with its characters and landscapes.

Some of the attractions ahead of us They are the following: the Lorax room has become a technicolor dream, walking among the trees and flowers, and a maze with millions of colored balloons suspended in the air. Perfect to prepare your mobile camera and fill it with 100% photos for Instagram (or wallpaper).

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