Acne goes from hiding and becomes the new trend viral beauty of Instagram

Instagram is full of inspiration makeup dreamlike, but it seems that those looks They always require many hours of work. So far, because the last move body-positive Related to beauty is the opposite, not to cover the skin at all. Is called #FreeTheSkin and search show imperfections and acne with pride, because it is a natural thing to not be ashamed of. That's how they are without base and with their natural skin.

Suddenly our feeds from Instagram have been filled with girls showing off their skin with acne and without any shame, inspiring many others to let the skin breathe and accept our natural appearance (even if we want to make up once in a while, everything goes). Another movement in favor of body-positive that has come to break the established canons of beauty and give haters With a song in the teeth.

It's not just anonymous girls on Instagram who are breaking the established. This initiative also has luxury representatives who are tired of always having to be perfect, like Kendall Jenner in the Golden Globes or Cara Delevingne, who posted the following message on their social networks, that refueling from another account because "everything is so bad that if the photo was mine I would not have posted it."

"I'm fucking tired and tired of Photoshop."

In Jared Beauty | Acne enters through the big door on the Milan Fashion Week catwalk.

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