Tiffany blue dyes New York (and we like the city even more than it already did)

Tiffany & Co. is an icon in New York. Through his shop on Fifth Avenue we have passed (almost) all of us who have visited the Big Apple, some lucky to buy, others to emulate the image of Holly Golightly having breakfast before his shop window. And in the last days, Tiffany has decided to make New York the best scenario for the promotion of the launch of its new Paper Flowers jewelry collection. And the result has left us in love, in equal parts, with the firm and the city.

Taxis, subway stops, traffic lights, bars, and even the well-known MetroCard (the public transport access card)… all have been dyed the characteristic blue of Tiffany for several days in specific points of the city. To locate them, the brand even created a personalized Google map, to achieve its goal with this campaign: explain how luxury can also be casual.

The best example of this, for Tiffany, is the image of a woman wearing a spectacular Givenchy while having a coffee taken out of a paper bag. That is the idea that underlies the entire campaign, which also included exhibitions of BMX and skateboard. Again Audrey Hepburn as Tiffany's icon, and New York as the perfect place to revive its legend.

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