Benefit launches Brow Contour Pro, an eyebrow pencil that completely changes the rules of the beauty game

Benefit is always a pioneer in launching news beauty to the market that consumers fall in love with. If we didn't have enough with his last mascara, now the Brow Contour Pro will define our look much more. But at the blow of an eyebrow, because This 4-in-1 pencil promises to change the rules of makeup With four different shades. Yes, four for the same eyebrow, and that's how it works.

This Benefit product has the packaging perfect to be a 4 in 1, remembering the four-tone fountain pens we had in the 90s. Its four options allow to define and illuminate the eyebrows, with a very professional result. Its darker shade marks the inner part of the eyebrow, while light brown is used for the outer area of ​​the eyebrow, naturally lighter and more blurred.

In the opposite range of colors, each Brow Contour Pro also has two shades nude, one to define and frame the eyebrow preventing brown tones from getting blurred; and the other to illuminate the arch and give the icing on the cake. Is your mouth watering? Normal, but we will have to wait until September to have it for sale. Go preparing 35 euros, which will cost this tool makeup so complete

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