Scotland becomes the first nation to distribute tampons and free packs to students

No doubt there are initiatives that are worthy of being applauded and that should be copied by the rest of the world. And is that Scotland just set a world example by becoming the first nation to distribute free tampons and pads.

Thus, what began in 2017 as an initiative aimed only at women without resources in the Aberdeen area, now extends to the rest of the country in terms of the students, which will also benefit from free access to these intimate hygiene products of first necessity.

In this way, the initial budget of 42,500 pounds and which has already benefited more than a thousand women, will be expanded to 5.2 million pounds, and will cover some 395,000 women. And is that as stated this week Aileen Campbell, secretary of Scottish government communities ...

In a country as rich as ours it is unacceptable that someone must fight to buy basic hygiene products. I am proud that Scotland takes this leading action in the world to fight against the poverty of the period and I appreciate the support of local authorities, colleges and universities in the implementation of this initiative.

With this investment, essential intimate hygiene products will be available for all those women who need them in a sensitive and dignified way, and also, as they point out, it will also facilitate students to fully focus on their studies.

For her part, the councilwoman Alison Evison, president of Cosla (Convention of Local Authorities of Scotland), He said that while the main objective of the plan was to ensure that no young woman lost her education due to lack of access to medical devices, "It will also contribute to a more open conversation and reduce the unnecessary stigma associated with the periods."

It is not surprising that several groups such as Hey Girls, among others, have described this initiative as a true milestone in the fight against poverty from the time in which we live and it is, without a doubt, a great step to guarantee access to the necessary products for menstruation that, as they have stated, They must be a right, regardless of your income.

Thus, while now in Spain is considering the elimination of VAT on feminine hygiene products, or as we know it colloquially as pink rate, in other regions of the world they go further and take alternatives as laudable as their free access.

Undoubtedly, it is an initiative that must be taken into account by other countries, not only those in the environment, but worldwide. Bravo!

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