The contestants of OT 2018 the mess and Noemí Galera reprimands them with a quarrel that will make history in Operation Triunfo

After the protest of the contestants of Operation Triunfo 2018 on Sunday night (they went on strike in front of the bedroom because they wanted to go to bed before), the patience of Noemí Galera has reached the ceiling and has abroncado showing them tweets of the fans of the program. "You have the door open if you want to leave, there are many people outside wanting to work," said the director of the talent show.

Why is this drama generated?

Contestants complain that they don't see their families, that they are locked in what before entering the contest, they knew it was a three-month television show in which they would hardly have contact with the outside. Julia's idea of ​​protesting by striking, seconded by Maria, led the ten remaining contestants in OT to pass half an hour lying on the floor in front of your bedroom door and silently.

The anger of Noemí Galera

Do not believe that anger comes only from silent protest, but because the contestants threw books and toilet paper out the window, a fact that Naomi has explained in this makeshift tutorial. Julia's excuse for "my dog ​​has eaten my homework" has been one of the performances that the fans of the program have seen worse.

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I see Julia's explanations in #BroncOT # OTDirecto12NOV pic.twitter.com/tWn3BuEmqQ

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INCREDIBLE Julia's arrogance ... how she tries to lie in front of Noe to look good ... #BroncOT According to Julia it was an accident the papers thrown out the window but Natalia claims that it was planned # OTDirecto12N #julia # OT18Gala8 # OTDirecto11NOV 😡😡😡 pic. twitter.com/emGwwgsVEY

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Not only are they reproached for this mess, but Noemí Galera has taken advantage of this anger to remind them that the contest is a program that is broadcast on a 24-hour channel in order that the public knows them and fans can empathize with them. And in this edition they are barely interacting with each other in front of the cameras.

“People fall in love with the contestants when they see them,” says Noemí Galera, after reproaching them that they speak between whispers and control themselves excessively in front of the cameras with phrases like “then we speak it in the room”, the only place without cameras in the house.

“This is a television show. If you only want to learn music, you go to a conservatory, ”he adds, and points out that behind the program there is a team of professionals who love the contest, "You don't seem to love triumph operation".

Contestants break after the fight

After Noemi's anger, the contestants break into tears, but the damage seems irreparable for fans of the contest. And this is in addition to what was already known about why this edition of triumph operation is not working as well as the previous one, where the naturalness of the contestants, their work and their emotion was above all during the whole edition , from beginning to end.

What a disappointment of older kids, they are telling us a story in our face, they say that they only changed the joke of the hour but that it was a simple joke when yesterday they kept repeating that it was a demonstration against punishment. Unfortunate # OTDirecto12NOV #broncOT

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At the moment we do not know if after this drama the edition will end up taking off the flight or it will remain in a shy shadow of what was the rebirth of Operación Triunfo 2017. What we do know is that Noemí Galera this week is the audience's favorite for saying things that clear to the contestants and defend an audience that is in the end, the biggest injured in this edition.

YOU AGREE TO MAKE NOEMI FAVORITE #BroncOT # OTDirecto12NOV pic.twitter.com/F5LC84Tk6H

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