Thinking about Christmas, I tell you my experience with Lifting Absolue Jeunesse by Maria Galland in Carmen Navarro

The Fiestas are just around the corner and I know it's a perfect time to carry out a cabin treatment or simply, taking advantage of the gift of Christmas, give a change to our inhalation treatment and release products.

Maria Galland has launched in September a solution that solves both wishes. From your new line Lift'expert, to have at home and aimed at women who go through the 40s or without being still need a good treatment due to the needs of their skin, presents a great and particular cabin protocol I've tried in Carmen Navarro and I tell you

The incorporation of Méthode Beauté Active The firm offers a holistic lifting solution with scientifically proven results. This new definition includes the protocol to which I refer, Méthode Lifting Absolue Jeunesse It is a lifting treatment 100% manualHere is one of its singularities, which provides proven and immediate results in 75 minutes.

The protocol includes, among other emblematic of the firm, the new Lift'expert with a high power of effectiveness that include in its formula the complex age control to help maintain the youthful appearance of the skin. Maria Galland has also designed an exclusive complementary program, Active Life Balance with expert experts in various fields to strengthen the effectiveness of the treatment, products and reveal the beauty from the inside, but now I tell you what the experience in the cabin means…

Lifting Absolue Jeunesse treatment

This protocol is completely manual, without any appliances, and includes a lifting massage so relaxing as to renew mind and body. Addressed to reaffirm and define facial contour, redensify the skin and smooth wrinkles, look for a more sculpted and smoother face appearance immediately. The massage, which is an experience, combines deep movements of glide anti-aging with intense kneading movements and bearings to get a lifting effect. An experience that I can describe as remodeler, something that I have understood as a "facial relocation."

As you know, skin aging is the result of three key processes: decreased cellular activity, glycation and oxidation. The line Lift'expert, protagonist of this treatment, is composed of 3 anti-aging products:640 Serum Lift'Expert, 660 Crème Lift'Expert and 650 Lisseur Rides Lift'Expert, formulated to combat these 3 processes. I detail each one:

  • 640 Lift'Expert Serum It is a serum of instant effect to reaffirm, smooth and provide smoothness to the skin, which significantly reduces wrinkles by means of assets aimed at redefining the contours with a very fluid and pleasant texture.

  • 660 Crème Lift'Expert It is a perfecting lifting cream also formulated to smooth and provide smoothness to the skin. It includes the Age Control complex and has a velvety texture.

  • 650 Lisseur Rides Lift'Expert It is a double action "multizone" cream to create a wrinkle-filling effect and rejuvenate the eye contour. It provides a powerful tensioning and blurring effect, reaffirms the eyelids and reduces the signs of fatigue, bags and dark circles.

After the protocol, Maria Galland recommends continuing with your method lift'up or "your beauty from the inside" at home. The global program Active Life Balance It helps preserve the beauty of the skin and multiply the lifting effects of the treatment and products. It arises from collaboration with experts to develop valuable advice and rituals and reveal beauty from the inside. In workshops developed for this purpose, the beauticians of Maria Galland they will invite customers to share their experience and discover this holistic approach of beauty in a pleasant atmosphere. Or I give some clues about what this means ...

Reinforce the effect

  • One of these steps is to carry out a daily beauty routine lift'up, facial yoga, exercising every day our facial muscles to help achieve a firmer and modeled facial contour. A program lifting fitness 2-minute facial, dedicated to a certain group of facial muscles every day: forehead, eyes, mouth, neck, chin or cheekbones.

  • The product application It is another premise to prolong effectiveness. The firm's precise application methods reinforce product efficiency and are described in the product brochures and the website.

  • The age control nutrition it's another powerful anti-aging tool recommended by the firm that consists in modifying the nutritional habits to help reduce the glycation process, responsible for skin aging. Carried out in collaboration with nutritional experts, Maria Galland Paris He has developed tips to make eating healthier and even more enjoyable.

  • He lift'up makeup It is another of the keys, since certain colors and reflections give the face an effect visible lifting.

If you are curious about everything I've told you, many of these tips are included on the firm's website The truth is Maria Galland goes much further when it comes to taking care of ourselves. The beauty that is born inside, one of its maxims. To achieve this, he reconciles all fronts and all his efforts.

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