Karl Lagerfeld is deferred as a "working class" with an estimated assets of 200 million euros

Life would be much more boring without people like Karl Lagerfeld to constantly surprise us with their charisma and make us draw a smile with their complex personalities and unfiltered statements.

He creative director of Chanel has recently granted an extensive interview to The cut in which he has been wet when talking about his love for cows, saying that he would not mind being a farmer and in which, moreover, it has been defined as another link in capitalism. He has said it in relation to his null desire to retire because he feels that Now he works better, with a clearer mind, and wants to continue working because he is "working class".

The designer, who comes from a family of bankers and nobles, has an estimated equity of 200 million euros. Last summer it was news to sell a villa of 12,000 square meters overlooking the Elbe River and for which it was pocketed 10 million euros. So his statements are, at least, curious. Especially since he declared himself Vice in 2010 that I hated rich people when they go from communists or socialists. Something you consider obscene.

In fact, when the interviewer of The cut asked surprised about it, Karl remembers how a French leftist writer already warned him it was a scandal to talk like that.

This way of thinking does not seem like a crazy outburst of the designer since, in another interview with Style in 2011, he already referred to himself as a "decent working class person" despite admitting also not knowing how to make the bed or cooking because of the philosophy that his mother instilled in him to always depend on others for having to strive to have money to be able to pay them. On that occasion he also affirmed never having voted in an election and feeling repulsion for the people who do.

Going back to the present, and showing a more empathic face, Lagerfeld thinks it is positive that today's young people are freer and more informed. Further, sympathizes with those who go out to protest: "If you know the money they have to spend the month with, you understand. It's horrible, isn't it?"

Photo: Gtres.

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