2019 is presented to us with very good (great) music

2019 has begun and with it an endless list of good intentions They accompany us in the hope of fulfilling - even if it is less than half. This new year starts with good music and the artists prepare to stand out with their singles full of good rolling. Today we present a music list fresh out of the oven ...

Galantis feat. Sofia Carson - San Francisco

Buenrollismo in its purest state, here is the last of Galantis next to the female voice of Sofia Carson. Under the name of San Francisco, the city of trams becomes the muse of this single that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Sam Smith - Fire On Fire

The voice of Sam smith It is so recognizable that he falls in love with every song he releases. Now his fans can't stop listening to his latest hit called Fire on fire, what do you think?

Post Malone - "Wow."

Post Malone releases new single and we do not doubt for a moment that will sound at all hours - as has happened with his previous works. Under the name of "Wow.", this song will fall in love with more than one (and one).

The Chainsmokers feat. Winona Oak - Hope

The Chainsmokers they have returned ... with great force, and now they do it by the hand of Winona oak. His strong, powerful and unique voice makes this new single called Hope in one of the best of the moment.

Ariana Grande - thank u, next

Ariana Grande 2019 has started on a very good footing -musically speaking- and that is its theme thank u, next It sounds at all hours - and it doesn't surprise us. So much so that he is headliner of Coachella 2019, what do you think?

Video: Chris Lane - Big, Big Plans Video for Lauren (March 2020).