The return of Gossip Girl could take out the Blair Waldorf in you: 21 headbands to honor the most preppy character on television

XOXO, Gossip Girl.

How to forget the famous Gossip Girl's entradilla? The mythical series that made us dream of New York (again), made the preppy style fashionable and made us all want to go in uniform returns - although we do not know how. Little is known about this new stage: will be broadcast on HBO, the protagonists will be a new group of young people and everything will happen eight years after the end of the original plot. What we are not sure about is whether there will be a new one Blair waldorf that imposes its own aesthetic and obsesses us with an infinite collection of headbands. Today we remember the mythical character of the series and we rescued 21 headbands to get the Blair out of you.

The headband, your favorite complement

Either you were from the Blair Waldorf team or you were part of the Serena Van der Woodsen team. Queen B had a classic, preepy style and with a sign of identity that never disappointed: her outfits were rounded off by a big headband. In the form of a bow, flower or bright, this complement was the real protagonist.

For tastes, colors ...

With the headbands as a trend of the season, firms such as Prada, Eugenia Kim or Jennifer Behr have turned this complement into an object of luxury (and trend). Luckily for us, there are equally cool versions but at prices low cost. Relive the best moments of Gossip Girl Blair Waldorf with one of these 21 headbands.

  • Rigid headband lined by Zara, 12.95 euros.
  • Asos black velvet headband, 10.49 euros.
  • Deep pink satin padded headband from Asos, 7.99 euros.
  • Printed headband with El Corte Inglés knot, 7.95 euros.
  • Amazon thick headband, 24.99 euros.

Pearls are the favorite ornament

  • Pearl headband from My Accessories London, 11.49 euros.
  • Headband with mustard colored pearls from Asos, 15.99 euros.
  • Braided headband with pearl embellishment from Asos, 15.99 euros.
  • Set of long earrings with pearl and satin headband from Asos, 23.99 euros.
  • Asos padded headband with stripes and pearls print, 15.99 euros.
  • Black headband with Parfois pearls, 9.99 euros.
  • Beige with pearls from Amazon, 5.70 euros.
  • Wide and with pearls of different size from Amazon, 3.09 euros.

Shining with own light

  • Padded headband with glitter application from Zara, 15.95 euros.
  • Raffia headband with rhinestones detail from Asos, 12.99 euros.
  • Rigid headband lined with Zara jewelry detail, 15.95 euros.
  • Padded headband with glitter application from Zara, 17.95 euros.

Bet on a different fabric

  • With Rita Von flowers, 90 euros.
  • Minimalist raffia headband from Asos, 6.99 euros.
  • Multicolored headband from Asos, 12.99 euros.
  • Headband of La Sombrerera for El Corte Inglés, 140 euros.

High thick and thick velvet headband for women and girls

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Lazder headband for women, minimalist, thick, velvet, solid color, wide hair, irregular imitation pearl jewelry for parties

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